You can expect to be welcomed to God’s House with a handshake and a smile!  We are a very casual group of folks, all ages and life situations.

Feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

There are three free parking lots around church, we love to see them full for worship!

The north door is closest to the Sanctuary.  There are no stairs at that entrance. Sit where you are comfortable, enjoy the music while you look through our bulletin.

At Trimble, we love children!  Sunday School for Kindergarten – High School starts at 9:15 and dismiss at 10:15.

Children’s Time in the beginning of Worship is for all children to hear a Bible lesson.  Monthly children sing and play bells for the congregation. Any child who knows colors may participate. Children first grade or younger are welcome in our nursery. Children’s coloring pages and other activities are available.

Trimble is a wonderful place to worship, pray, celebrate, and make friends.  Come as you are but do come to the Lord’s house to worship and celebrate with us!

Trimble’s Vacation Bible School

You can be there one night or all three nights. Just come and learn about how we are Rescued by Jesus!